CME Trays

About Us

Composite Materials Engineering (CME) is a specialist composites business. All of our products are manufactured in Australia, at our headquarters in Melbourne.

We formulate, manufacture and compression mould long glass fibre composite materials. Our philosophy is to be the leader in advanced composite materials and to develop the technology to ensure our customer receives the most up to date technology available.

Superior Strength and Durability

CME Trays are manufactured from high strength composite material, meaning the trays do not splinter or chip during normal use, production or cleaning. This eliminates the possibility of contamination in the end product.

The Key to Investing in CME Trays

A customer report quotes less than 0.015% tray breakages when using CME Trays compared to the 5% typical for wood trays. This is due to the much higher strength of composite trays and the fact that they are dimensionally far more accurate than wood and other plastics.

Temperature Resistant

CME Trays can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -30° to 121° C and unlike wood, can be steam cleaned or washed using tray wash or conventional washing machines. CME Trays do not warp or absorb moisture. They are not affected by heat from drying room temperatures, ensuring the trays remain dimensionally stable for their life-time.

 Perfect Integration Guaranteed

CME guarantee that our trays integrate perfectly with your existing wood or plastic tray stocks. This allows for immediate or gradual replacement of broken trays, reducing the investment for our customers.

CME manufacture coloured trays such as blue, red and grey that are readily identifiable.

This feature allows customers to alter their tray colour for specific products and production lines.

CME Starch Mogul Trays are compatible with all major mogul manufacturers NID, Makat, Winkler + Dunnebier and Fast Track, as well as other mogul brands.