Chewing Gum Trays

The CME chewing gum tray is specifically designed to get optimal airflow over the gum, improve stacking and drying space and greater stability in the Gum Rolling and Scoring Machine.

Features of Gum Trays

The CME chewing gum trays have been specifically designed for use in chewing gum rolling and scoring machines. They are manufactured with a high strength, food contact approved material and do not bend or twist. CME gum trays have great stability and do not warp or twist like plastic injected trays. These gum trays are available in standard sizes or CME Trays can make them to measure.

Benefits of the CME Chewing Gum Trays

These trays have an extended service life without repair or replacement. The possibility of splinters is greatly reduced by the use of food grade fiber which also improves the process flow within the gum line.
CME Gum Trays can be perfectly washed or steam cleaned so that different flavours can be applied without having dedicated trays to a particular flavour.
Finally, their lifecycle is much longer than standard timber or plastic injected trays, having an extended service life without replacement or repair.