CME Trays

Starch Mogul Trays

CME Starch Mogul Trays are made from high strength composite material, providing extended service life without repair or replacement. CME trays are an Australian made and used by the confectionery industry since 1974.


  • Manufactured from high strength, food contact approved material.
  • Standard or customised design.
  • Underside ribbing for improved strength & weight reduction.
  • Mogul running pads.
  • Moulded with no seams or joints that are potential sites for bacterial contamination.
  • 4 way feet interlocking for improved tray stack stability.


  • Perfect integration with your current mogul trays.
  • Significant savings over whole-of-life due to minimal tray breakages.
  • Compatible with NID, Makat, Winkler & Dunnebier, Fast Track and other mogul brands.
  • Easily cleaned using a heated power washer or steam cleaning.
  • Extended service life without repair or replacement.
  • Same drying times with CME Trays & wood trays.

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