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Welcome to CME Trays, we have over 50 years of composite experience                                                                                                   July 21, 2024

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09:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

37 Hosie Street, Bayswater

Victoria, Australia 3153

Manufacturing and supplying globally for

Confectionery and Pharmaceutical industry since 1974

The very best guidance from our knowledgable, friendly team

We pride ourselves on quality, service and delivery; viewing these as successful pillars for customer satisfaction.

Composite Materials Engineering

Friendly and Professional

Work directly with the manufacturer

CME manufacture the raw materials, engineer the tray design for optimal performance and manufacture in a start of the art facility.

Raw Material Manufacture

CME compound the food grade SMC to ensure quality.

Engineering and Design

CME optimise tray design to gradually replace timber trays.

Manufacturing of Trays

CME use the latest moulding technology to ensure tight tolerances are met to produce trays.

What we Offer

All CME Trays are independently tested and certified to European Food Contact Standard, EU No. 10/2011.All materials used to manufacture CME Trays are listed in NSF Standard No.2 and in the USFDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 USA. Changing from wood trays to CME Trays will dramatically decrease complaints of foreign matter in the end product. CME Trays are moulded in one piece, with no seams or joints on the tray, which are potential sites for bacteria growth. CME Trays are available in different colours such as whiteblue, grey and pink.

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About Us CME Trays

About us

CME Trays are manufactured by Composite Materials Engineering (CME), a specialist composites business. All of our products are manufactured in Australia, at our headquarters in Melbourne. We formulate, manufacture and compression mould long glass fibre composite materials. Our philosophy is to be the leader in composite materials and to develop the technology to ensure our customer receives the most up to date technology available.

“Quality Products Create Confidence!”

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