Soft Capsule Drying Trays for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The CME softgel capsule trays have dropped sides for improved airflow and thorough drying. The smoothness of the bottom of the pharma tray surface eliminates the sticking of the pharmaceutical soft gel capsules and allows excellent drying.
The corners of the CME Pharma tray have no sharp edges which can perforate handlers and these also prevent the accumulation of moisture and residue.
The Pharmaceutical drying tray fits perfectly into the rotary die encapsulation process at the end of the capsule production cycle, and is manufactured to FDA and EU direct food grade standards.

Benefits of the CME Pharmaceutical Trays

The CME gel cap drying tray has an excellent dimensional stability and load carrying capacity. It has easy stacking without warping and the durability of the composite tray adds years of problem free use.
The curing soft gel trays include a withstanding of continuous drying temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to 121 degrees C.
These gel cap trays can also be washed or sterilized with boiling water to eliminate bacteria and other harmful organisms.