CME capsule trays are manufactured with the high grade of plastic to ensure they are strong, lightweight, easy to handle and easy to clear. With radius corners and smooth edges, CME’s gel capsule trays is strong and long lasting to ensure manufacturing runs smoothly.

CME capsule trays improve airflow with lower ends to improve airflow through the drying room, designed with rounded and contoured edges preventing moisture build up CME Capsule trays maybe used in extreme temperatures ranging from minus -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C).

The strong nature of CME’s materials ensures trays can be stacked without distorting or warping. As CME Trays manufacture their own materials to ensure the quality meets food grade standards we are able to offer a range of colour selections.

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  • These pharmaceutical gel capsule drying trays are moulded from polyester reinforced materials that provide a smooth surface that will not mark the capsules.
  • As the trays are molded there are no seams or crevices preventing contamination.
  • The molded trays have superb dimensional stability and load carrying capacity without tray distortion or warpage. This in turn yields extremely stable drying stacks.
  • Air circulation to assist drying is possible through the lowered tray sides. Continuous drying temperatures that can exceed 150 degree C.
  • CME pharmaceutical trays are designed to provide easy lifting at the corners with no sharp edges.
  • All raw materials used are classified FDA and EEC direct food contact.


  • Superb dimensional stability and load carrying capacity.
  • Can be stacked without warping or distorting under heavy load
  • Continuous drying temperatures ranging from -30° to 121° C.
  • Extra-long service life without repair or replacement.