Features of the Starch Moulding Trays

The confectionery line plastic starch trays are made from high strength; food contact approved material, and complies with International Food contact regulations, being laboratory tested. They can be standard size or customised to fit into any starch jelly line, depending on the need of the customer. The underside of each tray has ribbing which improves the strength and reduces weight, and helps a smooth transition through the various processes of the jelly line moulding production.

They have no seams or joints which are potential sites for bacterial contamination, and their 4 way continuous interlocking feet help to have a high ratio of stability. These can lead to high stacks and robotic arms moving the loaded starch moulding trays, adding to the security of movement in the starch line and the jelly manufacturing process.

Benefits of the Starch Machine Trays

The CME Starch machine trays can be perfectly integrated with your current mogul trays, whether they are timber or fibre. Their life cycle is much longer than timber with minimal tray breakages. CME starch trays have tighter tray tolerances which in turn benefit the processing in the starch machine stacks allowing for faster processing speeds and greater productivity.

Another advantage is that CME starch machine mogul trays are moulded to exact tolerances. This reproducibility ensures there is minimal variation between the trays. The CME jelly line trays are fully crosslinked and retain their dimensions and geometry for their entire service life.

CME starch machine trays do not warp. They can be used in a heated power washer. This does not damage the trays and in some factories trays are washed with cycles of once a month. Their temperature tolerance is from -30 degrees to 121 degrees in continuous and they are highly stable in these conditions.

Finally they are perfectly compatible with new projects or existing Starch Machine Jelly lines, being fitted to Moguls globally including Winkler & Dunnebier, Fast Track, Tanis, Bosch Makat and NID.