All CME Trays are independently tested and certified to European Food Contact Standard, EU No. 10/2011.

All materials used to manufacture CME Trays are listed in NSF Standard No.2 and in the USFDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 USA.

Changing from wood trays to CME Trays will dramatically decrease complaints of foreign matter in the end product. CME Trays are moulded in one piece, with no seams or joints on the tray, which are potential sites for bacteria growth. CME Trays are available in different colours such as white, blue, grey and pink.

1. Washable

CME Trays can be washed with heated pressure washers or tray wash machines, using food grade cleaning products. This will allow easy removal of any product or starch left on the trays, and will not damage the tray. This is not possible with wood trays and is a big advantage with increasing food contact, and hygiene requirements.

2. Chemical Resistance

CME Trays can be cleaned and washed with heated pressure washers or in tray wash machines using food grade cleaning agents.

3. Long production life

CME Trays will not warp or twist over a normal 20 year service life. CME developed a composite material specifically for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industry. This composite material is high strength and dimensionally stable, meaning there is minimal warpage or distortion. This property is the key to successful mogul processing of CME Trays.