CME’s confectionary gum trays are manufactured from the highest grade of plastic to ensure the product is strong and lightweight. With radius corners and smooth edges CME gum trays is easy to clean either by steam or machine washed. And eliminate trapped moisture or residue. These trays have open sides to optimize airflow and are stable that eliminates the need for separate drying racks.

CME high performance materials allow trays to be used in temperatures ranging from -60 degree C to 121 degree C. CME confectionary gum trays will not wrap or twist in stacking and will remain dimensionally stable ensuring manufacturing process runs smoothly. As CME Trays manufacture their own materials to ensure the quality meets food grade standards we are able to offer a range of colour selections.

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  • Completely open sides for optimal air flow over the product.
  • Feet interlocking for improved tray stack stability and reduced drying space.
  • A smooth tray surface that will not mark the product.
  • Manufactured from high strength, food contact approved material.
  • Standard or customised design.


  • May be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -30° to 121° C
  • Easily cleaned using a heated power washer, steam cleaning or machine washing.
  • Perfect integration with your current trays.
  • Significant savings over whole-of-life due to minimal tray breakages.
  • Extended service life without repair or replacement.